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Beach Clean – A few Guidelines

Beach Clean – A few Guidelines

We want you to enjoy your walk and hope that you gain a sense of achievement, but please read the following points carefully:

  • Check the tide time and height of the tide as this may affect your walk. You can do that here.
  • If possible use a litter picker (available from the RSPB office) and gloves.
  • Pick up only plastic, rope or other light items.
  • Never touch any glass, metal, or manufactured wood (which may contain rusty nails) as sharp objects may cause injury.
  • Beware of stepping on nails in wood while walking on the beach.
  • If you are not sure what a metal object is, report its approximate whereabouts to the RSPB office.
  • Only carry what you comfortably can in the bags from Armstrong Waste Management Ltd – available from the RSPB office.
  • Please tie the bags and leave them at the litter pick up point. If it is windy, please place a stone on top of the bag, or jam your bag to prevent it from decanting what you have picked up.
  • Always wash your hands after any beach clean and before you eat anything.


Thank you for helping keep our beach clean.


Please remember that this activity is undertaken entirely at your own risk. This is a voluntary activity and you will not be part of an organised team. Givember, Armstrong Waste Ltd and all landowners (providing access to and from the shore, as well as the beach itself) cannot be held responsible for any accidents which may occur as a result of participating in a beach clean.